Boys and Body Image—Mighty Parenting 233 with Charlotte Markey

We’re all well familiar with ads, TV commercials, and magazines full of tips and examples of how girls and women can get and maintain that “perfect body”; it’s an unfortunate staple of our culture uplifting one body type above all others as the “ideal.” However, that staple is not limited to girls and women only—there’s no shortage of movies, magazines and commercials outlining the “perfect body” type for boys and men as well. Author and body image expert Dr. Charlotte Markey joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler for a serious discussion on how conversations about boys and body image are important, how to be more open and show your sons it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes, and how to help them understand and become comfortable with their body type, whatever type that may be.

Our Guest: Charlotte Markey

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