Depression, Addiction, and Suicide Prevention: A Story of Hope—Mighty Parenting 227 with Judy Davis

We don’t want to believe that we could lose our children to something that we can’t fight for them; unfortunately, depression, addiction and suicidal tendencies have become significantly more evident in teenagers around the world in recent years. And that is terrifying to every one of us who have teens of our own. How do you fight your child’s own mind? Judy Davis is one such parent, who nearly lost her son to addiction and suicide before she even realized he was struggling so much. She returns to Mighty Parenting, joining Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler to share her story and her son’s—a story of hope for parents, to remind us that suicide prevention is possible and so is recovery, be it from addiction, depression, or other mental and physical illnesses. With the right tools and support for yourself and your child, you can help them save themselves—and maybe one day, they can save others too.

Our Guest: Judy Davis

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