How to Help Our Sleep Deprived Teenagers—Mighty Parenting 228 with Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright

It’s common to hear college students joking about pulling all-nighters and drinking truly unwise amounts of caffeine to get through classes and clubs and survive that one irritating professor who likes assigning ten-page papers every week. However, this trend of increasingly sleep deprived teenagers is not limited to college students alone; in 2018, the CDC declared a global public health crisis for high school students after many studies showed they too were sleeping far too little to be healthy. Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright join Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler this week to discuss this juvenile sleepless epidemic (including their book Generation Sleepless) and how to combat it with our own teens, including adjusting nighttime routines, family screen time, and social media habits. Learn how to help your own sleep deprived teenager and get them back to a healthy schedule.

Our Guests: Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright

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