Raising Happy Teenagers—Mighty Parenting 234 with Sandy Fowler

As parents, we want our kids to grow up happy, healthy, and successful. But there’s so much conflicting data and advice out there on everything from parenting techniques to college prep to what a happy, successful life means. So how are we supposed to figure out what works for us? Sandy Fowler joins us today, not just as the Mighty Parenting podcast host, but as a speaker and stress-relief coach, to help us answer that question. She summarizes and shares info from guest experts in her past interviews so we can get some answers on how to handle various teen behaviors, improve our relationships with our kids—and raise successful, healthy, happy teenagers.

Our Guest: Sandy Fowler

Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.com episode 234

From Sandy:

Over 200 experts have shared tips on parenting and they all have one thing in common--we need to be calm in order to parent well. Sandy Fowler specializes in helping women reclaim their calm. Learn how you can start right now at www.ReclaimingCalm.com

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