Utilizing Resources To Empower Your Teenager And College Student | Natalie Borrell And Alison Grant | Episode 48

We all want our kids to succeed. Utilizing resources is an essential skill for them to do that, but this is a skill many of our kids have not mastered. Compounding that is their fear or nervousness around talking to the adults in their lives when they need to solve a problem. Mighty Parenting podcast hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler talk to education experts Natalie Borrell and Alison Grant about how to empower your teenager by teaching them to recognize the resources around them. They dig into the true meaning of networking and share a simple method for teaching our teens to reach out and build relationships.

Our Guests: Natalie Borrell and Alison Grant

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BONUS: Natalie and Alison discuss the need they saw and what happened as they coached teens. https://www.patreon.com/mightyparenting

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