What Is the Enneagram and How Can It Help Me Parent My Teenager | Ashlie Woods | Episode 158

Parents wonder why teenagers do the things they do. When we struggle with them, it can leave us scratching our heads and wondering. Part of the reason is they may see the world differently than you do. We each have our own fears and beliefs that impact how we see things and how we react. Another issue may be your ability to  respond to a situation rather than fall into a reaction. Ashlie Woods understands all of this and she talks to Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler about how the enneagram can help us understand it. She tells us what the enneagram is and shows us how to use it in our parenting. She talks about the archetypes, empathy, behavior problems, and motivation. She shares how we can gain greater freedom to reflect and choose so we can respond to our children rather than react to them.

Our Guest: Ashlie Woods 

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