Unpacking Shame | Sara Shapouri and JoAnna Hardy of iBme | Episode 177

Shame. Such a small and innocuous word that carries so much baggage and can cause so much damage to our psyches, emotions, and relationships—wittingly or unwittingly. Inward Bound Mindfulness Education meditation instructors Sara Shapouri and JoAnna Hardy meet with Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler to unpack the concept of shame, how that influences our views of our kids and their views of us and to help us understand why our kids may not come to us if they're struggling, hurting or in trouble. They show us ways to meet vulnerability with care and intimacy, to help support our children and understand how to comprehend and move past shame—ours and theirs—with love and communication. 

Our Guests: Sara Shapouri and JoAnna Hardy 

Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.com episode 177

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